BEAU HLB is a member of the global
HLB INTERNATIONAL network, which has
more than 17,000 employees and 1,900
partners to its name. HLB INTERNATIONAL
operates out of more than
600 offices located in over
130 countries.

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Whether you’re a business or an individual, we offer all types of traditional legal services. We’ll even represent you in court.


We offer global and innovative solutions to guide you through business law and help you achieve your goals. Our legal services include advice on setting up a company either in Switzerland or abroad, comprising topics such as choosing a legal form, and drafting articles of association and shareholders’ agreements. In addition to assisting you with corporate governance matters, we are fully able to advise executive bodies, particularly regarding their liability and claims relating to corporate liability. We also help with negotiations and assessing insurance solutions. We can furthermore assist in general meetings and act as clerk for directors’ meetings.


We’ll plan and carry out any type of corporate restructuring, including mergers, demergers, changes in legal form, asset transfers, MBOs and MBIs. We can also assist in the related financing, which may involve bank contracts, loans, sponsorship, franchising and so forth. Our services furthermore include the management of business successions and liquidations. We have a solid understanding of the Swiss Anti-Money Laundering Act (AMLA) as well as legislation governing banking, employment, social insurance, and wealth and estate planning. Our expertise also extends to corporate group law, acquired through extensive experience in the drafting of cross-border contracts.

  • Company law (formation, advisory services, restructuring and winding-up)
  • Commercial law (contract preparation and reviews)
  • Estate law (audits and estate planning, preparation of documents such as wills)
  • Marital law (prenuptial agreements and divorces)
  • Intellectual property (trademark and patent registration)
  • International private law
  • International mediation
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Comprehensive management of litigation
  • Labour law (recruiting, dismissals, preparation of employment contracts, advisory services and drafting of company by-laws)
  • Law on foreign nationals (communication with authorities and application for or renewal of residence permits with or without gainful employment)
  • AMLA (assistance in registering with a self-regulatory organisation – SRO, support and advisory services)
  • Banking law
  • Art law
  • Civil aviation law
  • Maritime law
  • Advisory, management and administrative services for lawsuits and bankruptcy